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All animals at Joyful Noise have a purpose: our pigs provide delicious food for our family, quality breeding stock to others interested in raising their own, and fine roasters and cull-sows for charcuterie.

Our St Croix Hair Sheep give us wonderful lamb and mutton, and our chickens give sunshine yellow/orange-yolked eggs.

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Joyful Noise Home-N-Stead is our little moniker to describe the source of our blessings, the cacophony of many animals, and how we do life: at HOME, instead.

We are a family that home-birthed, home-schooled, grow much of our own food, and appreciate the rural life.

Over the years we have had many different kinds of livestock including dairy goats, heritage turkeys and chickens, steers, donkeys and horses, llamas, a variety of other poultry & rabbits...and now have settled into a more laid back routine with a choice of hogs and sheep that require far less of our time and energies than previous ventures.

After a number of years of raising commercial-style feeder hogs for our family’s freezer, I began looking at possible heritage pig breeds; at the same time, I explored Hair Sheep breeds. I was already devoted to heritage turkeys and chickens and wanted to switch our standard pork for that of a more flavorful experience as well as find a small livestock to provide 'red' meat.
Heritage animals are ‘old timey’ breeds, not standardized for commercial production. They take longer to grow to ‘butcher size’ (2-3x as long) and in that longer grow-out, develop a deeper flavor profile and fabulous marbling.

American Guinea Hogs was actually an easy choice for hogs as they are known for being docile, friendly, excellent mothers, great foragers, and because of their smaller size, easier to work with. I typically grow my butcher hogs until about 16 months of age or more. At that age, an individual will weigh approximately 120 pounds.

St Croix Hair Sheep require no shearing as they shed their winter wool each spring/summer. They are an active (but not flighty) flock. Their meat has been delicious and even older mutton has been mild (not gamey). They are hoof-rot resistant, parasite resistant, and are easy keepers.

My hogs are raised on pasture and hay as permitting, a non-GMO feed mix of barley, peas, and oats (corn- and soy-free), pumpkins, apples, garden scraps, soured milk/yogurt, and boiled eggs.

The sheep are on rotating pasture and hay and get the same barley/pea/oat mix. They also enjoy pumpkins and apples.

It is important to me that our animals are fed well, as I believe that we are *what our food ate*.

Buyer is responsible for any required or requested testing and Certified Veterinary Inspection if traveling across state lines.