Hesters Ajax

Swine, American Guinea Hog, Boar (male) | Black with red tipped guard hairs

AGHA# GR043-D | DOB: 5/1/2012 (7 yrs)

Maveric Boar - D
Maveric Sow 2 -D


Hesters Ajax is a good-looking gentleman hog, mid-sized with ample shoulders and hams. He has red-tipped guard hairs over his head, shoulders, and back.

He is a purebred guinea hog from the historic Hesters herd of northern Indiana. Ajax has also been collected for sperm cryopreservation by the USDA-ARS-NAGP.
The Hesters hogs were accepted into the AGHA registry through the Genetic Recovery Project.

Ajax is easy going and friendly, a flopper, and appreciates a good scratching.

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Updated 9/18/2019


a lady's man!
Boar (male)4 yrsBlack
Not for Sale
Sow (female)4 yrsBlack
Not for Sale
Sow (female)2 yrsblack, pink spot on nose
Sow (female)2 yrsBlack with pink spot on nose
Sow (female)2 yrsBlack, pink snout, white rear toes