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Swine, American Guinea Hog, Gilts (female) | Black

AGHA# pending | DOB: 7/10/2019 (Under 1 yr)

JNH AH Baloo

JNH AH Baloo

American Guinea HogBoar (male)Black, white guard hairs, red tips
AGHA# 7166DOB: 4/13/20163 yrs
Baloo is ready to move on to other pastures. As a mid-sized boar, he has provided excellent piglets for both breeding stock and for meat. Joyful Noise Home-N-Stead will continue to concentrate on the Hesters line, using a son of Baloo for needed outcrossings.
 AGHA# 7166 Black, white guard hairs, red tips
Hesters PA Fiona

Hesters PA Fiona

American Guinea HogSow (female)Black
AGHA# GR046DOB: 5/1/20154 yrs
A beautiful example of the small Hesters stock! Well-formed, great mothering instincts, maintains weight during nursing. Another gentle-temperamented hog!
 AGHA# GR046 Black


This gal will have more of her papa's size! Largest of the litter, broad in the shoulders and hams.

Updated 9/21/2019