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9 JC 5

Swine, American Guinea Hog, Boar (male) | Black

AGHA# pending | DOB: 6/24/2019 (Under 1 yr)

Hesters PA Charlie

a lady's man!

Hesters PA Charlie

American Guinea HogBoar (male)Black
AGHA# GR045DOB: 5/1/20154 yrs
Charlie is the last remaining full blood Hesters boar stock. He is small sized with desirable conformation, great action, gentle temperament, and is a strong breeder. He throws calm piglets that are active and thrive well.
 AGHA# GR045 Black
Joyful Noise AA Jo

Joyful Noise AA Jo

American Guinea HogSow (female)Black, pink snout, white rear toes
AGHA# 9252DOB: 7/19/20172 yrs
Jo proved to be an excellent and protective sow. She is the dominate sow in the herd, holding her condition well nursing all 7 piglets to weaning. Sold as whole roaster.
 AGHA# 9252 Black, pink snout, white rear toes


75% Hesters line bred. Fine looking boar!

Updated 9/21/2019