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JNH AH Baloo-D

Swine , American Guinea Hog , Boar (male) |Black, white guard hairs, red tips

AGHA# 7166-D | DOB: 4/13/2016

Sire: Skyfire Hamhock-D


Skyfire Hamhock-D

American Guinea Hog Boar (male) Black

AGHA# 0128-D Deceased
Hamhock came to us in the fall of 2015 by way of Oklahoma. He was broad of shoulders and hams and of the larger variety of guinea hogs. We have gotten several litters from him, all with high quality piglets. His son, Baloo, out of Aala, is his replacement. At nine years old, it was getting harder (but not impossible) for him to do his job. His sperm was collected for cyropreservation by specialists from Purdue Univ for the USDA-ARS-National Animal Germplasm Program. He had an easy going tem ...
  | AGHA# 0128-D | Black
Dam: Eclipse Fields Adam Aala-D


Eclipse Fields Adam Aala-D

American Guinea Hog Sow (female) Black

AGHA# 3974-D DOB: 3/24/20149 yrs
Aala was a fabulous and protective momma with litter sizes that ranged from 4 to 7. She co-nursed other litters and raised more than her own, coming back into condition in good time following weaning.
  | AGHA# 3974-D | Black


Baloo provided excellent piglets for both breeding stock and for meat and his pic is shown for offspring reference.
Joyful Noise Home-N-Stead will continue to concentrate on the Hesters line, using a son of Baloo for needed outcrossings.
Baloo has been castrated and is being fed out in anticipation of the most succulent pork imaginable. I have found older sows and stag boars (castrated as an adult) to be the ultimate in marbled and flavorful meat.
Price is $3.75/# live weight.
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