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Joyful Noise BC Izzy

great looking gilt!

Swine , American Guinea Hog , Gilts (female) |Black

AGHA# pending | DOB: 2/7/2019

Sire: Hesters PA Charlie

The last Hesters boar! Rare genetics.

Hesters PA Charlie

American Guinea Hog Boar (male) Black

AGHA# GR045 DOB: 5/1/20157 yrs
Charlie is the last remaining full blood Hesters boar stock. He is small sized with desirable conformation, great action, gentle temperament, and is a strong breeder. His weight at 7 yrs is 200#. He throws calm piglets that are active and thrive well. Older boar is also the Prime of marbled meat. Charlie is being priced at just below anticipated cost for a meat animal at $4.25/# live weight. Get great genetics now, as well as prime meat for your freezer later.
  | AGHA# GR045 | Black
Dam: JWM Bella-D

JWM Bella-D

American Guinea Hog Sow (female) Black

AGHA# 8062-D Deceased
Kept as an excellent mid-size sow for outcrossing to the Hesters' line, Bella is the sweetest of them all. Excellent mother, gentle disposition, holds weight well and is an easy keeper.
  | AGHA# 8062-D | Black
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