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Joyful Noise BB Que Sara Sara-D

Swine , American Guinea Hog , Sow (female) |black

AGHA# 10036-D | DOB: 10/20/2019

Sire: JNH AH Baloo-D

JNH AH Baloo-D

American Guinea Hog Boar (male) Black, white guard hairs, red tips

AGHA# 7166-D Deceased
Baloo provided excellent piglets for both breeding stock and for meat and his pic is shown for offspring reference. Joyful Noise Home-N-Stead will continue to concentrate on the Hesters line, using a son of Baloo for needed outcrossings. Baloo has been castrated and is being fed out in anticipation of the most succulent pork imaginable. I have found older sows and stag boars (castrated as an adult) to be the ultimate in marbled and flavorful meat. Price is $3.75/# live weight.
  | AGHA# 7166-D | Black, white guard hairs, red tips
Dam: JWM Bella-D

JWM Bella-D

American Guinea Hog Sow (female) Black

AGHA# 8062-D Deceased
Kept as an excellent mid-size sow for outcrossing to the Hesters' line, Bella is the sweetest of them all. Excellent mother, gentle disposition, holds weight well and is an easy keeper.
  | AGHA# 8062-D | Black



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