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Joyful Noise AA Tilly-D

Swine , American Guinea Hog , Sow (female) |black

AGHA# 9254-D | DOB: 7/19/2017

Sire: Hesters Ajax-D


Hesters Ajax-D

American Guinea Hog Boar (male) Black with red tipped guard hairs

AGHA# GR043-D Deceased
Hesters Ajax is a good-looking gentleman hog, mid-sized with ample shoulders and hams. He has red-tipped guard hairs over his head, shoulders, and back. He is a purebred guinea hog from the historic Hesters herd of northern Indiana. Ajax has also been collected for sperm cryopreservation by the USDA-ARS-NAGP. The Hesters hogs were accepted into the AGHA registry through the Genetic Recovery Project. Ajax is easy going and friendly, a flopper, and appreciates a good scratching.
  | AGHA# GR043-D | Black with red tipped guard hairs
Dam: Eclipse Fields Adam Aala-D


Eclipse Fields Adam Aala-D

American Guinea Hog Sow (female) Black

AGHA# 3974-D DOB: 3/24/20149 yrs
Aala was a fabulous and protective momma with litter sizes that ranged from 4 to 7. She co-nursed other litters and raised more than her own, coming back into condition in good time following weaning.
  | AGHA# 3974-D | Black

Updated 11/8/2023