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Attending the LC Heritage Livestock Conference

In a culture that ‘connects’ via Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat it was a delight to meet face to face with lovely souls from across not only the United States but the world at the 2018 Heritage Livestock Conference held in Fishers, Indiana this past November.

Over delicious meals featuring heritage meats and heirloom fruits and vegetables were discussions and discoveries about yaks, fiber, goats, sheep, hogs, cattle, horses, livestock guardian dogs, poultry and so much more. Heari

It’s Prime Time! Hog butchery Primals

What is a ‘primal cut’, anyway?
Primal: from early 17th century Latin, the medieval word ‘primalis’ which refers to First.
Simply put, Primal Cuts are the first cuts made dividing the carcass into wholesale sections. This makes the carcass more easily managed for further handling either by the retail butcher or the chef.

It is worthy to note that hog butchery varies not only by country, but even by district. Butchers find their own ‘sweet spot’ of how they prefer to break

Tool of the Trade, Part 2 - Butchery

What tools you use for home butchery are very dependent on the amount of $$ you wish to invest.

The most useful tool for a beginner or experienced is knowledge. How you obtain that knowledge is an important choice to make. Take time to learn before wielding a knife.

Books such as Meredith Leigh’s The Ethical Meat Handbook, Adam Danforth’s Butchering Poultry, Rabbit, Lamb, Goat, and Pork: The Comprehensive Photographic Guide to Humane Slaughtering and Butchering, and John

Tools of the Trade, Part 1 - The Slaughter

While this task, that of moving an animal from field to plate, can be accomplished using the barest minimum of tools, having the right tool for the job not only makes the job easier, but much safer. Let us explore basic butchery tools as well as some alternatives.
To do this, we will consider each step of the slaughter process and tools to make it both safer and easier. For this article I will be assuming scald and scrape method instead of skinning. Ready? Put on your water-proof apron and

When to Butcher?

The topic comes up frequently on the various AGH/Pastured Pigs/Homesteading Facebook pages on when is the best age to butcher the American Guinea Hog, as well as questions on size, cuts, and processing.
This brief article will look at some of the options that an owner may consider.

The American Guinea Hog, being a landrace breed, comes in a variety of sizes and shapes. There are long and tall examples as well as short and stocky and everything in between. All taste fabulous!

Cuban Roasted Whole Hog

The Cuban roasting box, or 'Cuban Microwave', has become a favorite method to cook large amounts of meat relatively quickly. One hundred pounds of meat can be ready in as little as 4 hours.
For comparison, a 100# live weight pig (70# dressed) takes 8-10 hrs on a spit, 16-20 hrs over slow coals, or 12 - 16 hrs roasted in the ground Hawaiian style.

Traditional Cuban recipes call to make a highly seasoned marinade and injection to give flavor and moistness to the cooked pig. This is


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