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Make a Joyful Noise to the LORD, all ye lands!

Hamhock came to us in the fall of 2015 by way of Oklahoma. He is broad of shoulders and hams and is of the larger variety of guinea hogs. He is our smilin' face on the 'About' page.
We have gotten several litters from him, all with high quality piglets. His son, Baloo, (out of Aala) will be his replacement. At nine years old, it is getting harder (but not impossible) for him to do his job. His sperm has been collected for cyropreservation by specialists from Purdue Univ for the USDA-ARS-National Animal Germplasm Program. 
He has an easy going temperament with us and is interested in all his ladies.
He is a fine specimen of the American Guinea Hog.

Skyfire Hamhock was retired Oct, 2017.

Hesters Ajax is a good-looking gentleman hog, mid-sized with ample shoulders and hams. He has red-tipped guard hairs over his head, shoulders, and back.

He is a purebred guinea hog from the historic Hesters herd of northern Indiana. DNA testing is in the works at UC Davis. Ajax has also been collected for sperm cryopreservation by the USDA-ARS-NAGP.
The Hesters hogs are unregistered at this time.

Ajax is easy going and friendly,  a flopper,  and appreciates a good scratching. He has almost fallen asleep in delight from some personal attention.