Joyful Noise Home-N-Stead

Make a Joyful Noise to the LORD, all ye lands!

Matilda is our most laid-back lady of the wallow. She is friendly and docile and has not gotten upset when her young are handled. She is mid-size with nice wide shoulders, strong back and pasterns. She has farrowed litters up to 9 with all piglets growing well to weaning.
Matilda is being bred this spring to Hamhock for a repeat litter. Late summer litter expected.

Aala is a fabulous and protective momma with litters that have ranged from 4 to 7. She has co-nursed other litters and raised more than her own, coming back into condition in good time following weaning.
Spring of 2017 she is being bred to Hesters Ajax, our boar from the historic Hesters herd of northern Indiana.

Henny is a not yet proven gilt. She is of the small-boned variety of guinea hogs with a cute short snout.
Her litter-mate, Kermit, sired a litter of 14!!

Bred to Baloo with a  litter expected late-summer.

image coming soon

Hesters Cecila is an amazing little hog. She is small boned, petite, and a great little momma.
She farrowed 8 in her first litter at about 2 years old, producing abundant milk.
She is one of four hogs being utilized to preserve the historic Hesters herd.

image coming soon